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Project tasks do not show-up in Outlook/Notes

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    09 Aug 2015
    11 Aug 2015
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    I've setup Allocatus, however the Project tasks do not show up in my calender/task list. What can I do?
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    09 Aug 2015
    11 Aug 2015 in reply to user
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    1. Team member is Enterprise Resource and uses Windows Authentication
    2. Team member has a valid Windows Account, e.g. Domain\Username
    3. Task has been assigned to team member and has been published on Project Server, that means the assigment shows up in Project Web Access.
    4. Allocatus was installed and has a connection to the related Project Server database
    5. Allocatus has a connection to Allocatus Server or Allocatus Server has a connection to Exchange Server
    6. If you are using Exchange Option, the Allocatus services account needs to have appropriate rights (see Admin Guide for Exchange Option)
    7.  Team member has logged on to the PC where Allocatus Client is running with the same account as defined in Project Server.
      Note: This is the case if you are using a Windows domain. If the Windows account of the Team member on the Client does not match the Windows Account on the Server, you need to configure the Windows Account used on the server manually in Allocatus Client
      (See section Configure Allocatus in Admin Guide.)
    8. Task has been linked manually through Link to Groupware button or is within the Auto Link period
    9. If you are using Allocatus Client it needs to be active (symbol in taskbar is colored)
    10. Task is not set to Publish=No in Project
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2 posts, 1 answered

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