Linking MS Project with Outlook and Notes

Many project participants manually transfer their tasks from the Microsoft Project plan to their Calendar or To Do list. Each change in the project plan means that a manual update in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes is required. That is a waste of working time and errors are likely to happen.

Because of time pressure, these changes are often not logged. Consequently, it is in most cases impossible to tell when and why a specific task has been moved.

Project Server Synchronisation

Synchronise tasks from Project Server directly to Outlook or Lotus Notes on any device.  View your personal tasks and your project tasks side by side.

Update Project Tasks from your Calendar

Update the status of tasks directly from your calendar or task list – from any device! 

Absence Management

Let your project manager know when you will be away on holiday simply by marking your holiday in your calendar.

Field Service Engineer Management

Use Project to plan your Field Service appointments, and have those appointments synchronised directly to your Field Service Engineers’ mobile device.


With Allocatus every project member sees in his (her) own calendar his (her) current appointments from the project plan.

Every project member can individually select the tasks he or she wants to link to. That means that even tasks which are not assigned in MS Project can be linked to the Calendar.

In consequence everyone related to the project, such as team leaders, project managers and members of the steering committee will always be up to date with all tasks and milestones.

Allocatus saves every day the time that each project member requires to check, update and log dates. Assuming this takes about 2 minutes per day, it means a saving of $365 every year for each employee with an hourly rate of $50 and who works 220 workdays a year.