Make sure your project team is aware of your planning. Easily communicate your MS Project Schedule with your team members.

Allocatus can synchronize Microsoft Project tasks with the Outlook calendars or to-do lists of your team members automatically.

You create Microsoft Project tasks in the project plan, assign team members and publish the plan to Allocatus.

The Microsoft Project tasks will be automatically displayed in your team member's calendar (AutoLink).

With automatic calendar updates, Allocatus immediately communicates changes and amendments made by one individual (the project manager) to other members of the project group

You can choose to create a Microsoft Project task either as an Outlook appointment or as an Outlook task. Note that Outlook appointments also show up in Microsoft Teams calendar und Outlook tasks in Microsoft To do.
Allocatus can display your Microsoft Project task as an all day event or split into several appointments in your calendar using your working time specifications (SplitTask).


In addition, Allocatus can synchronize changes made in the calendar or task list back to Microsoft Project (WriteBack).