Why use Allocatus for Bottom-up Planning?

  • A project manager requires an overview of the tasks being performed on their project in order to plan resource availability and control the budget.
  • The project manager would usually schedule these tasks in MS Project which can be time consuming.
  • Allocatus enables the team member to schedule an appointment in Outlook and link it to the task in MS Project.
  • This ensures that the resource availability is blocked and the work is recorded to control budget and ensure accurate invoicing.

How to use Allocatus for Bottom-up Planning

1. The project manager creates a task with duration 0 in MS Project and assigns a resource.

Project Schedule with Ressource Assigned

2. The team member receives a request to complete a task from a support contract or single order.

Mail with request

3. The team member creates an appointment in their outlook calendar and utilizing the link to project feature is able to connect the appointment with the task in project.

Team Member links Task to Project

4. Once the calendar entry has been linked to a project it will automatically be categorized as an Allocatus entry and shaded in grey.

Appointment is marked in grey by Allocatus

5. Allocatus will automatically update the project to add the work to the task. This ensures that the work is visible on Project Server in all reports and projects.

Allocatus has updated the Project Schedule


  • Team members can create an appointment in Outlook which can be captured in the project plan without involving the project manager.
  • Project managers can save time and still control budget and resource availability.