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Allocatus Server cannot connect to Exchange Server

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    I've installed Allocatus Server and configured to access Exchange Server. I'm receiving the following error message: An attempt to access the mailbox of the Domain\UserName was not successful. This can be the result of a configuration or application error. What's wrong?
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    In most cases the cause for this error message is that authentication method configured in Allocatus Server and Exchange Server does not match. Please find out if the WebDAV virtual directory Exchange is configured for Basic, NTLM/Integrated Windows or Forms-based authentication and set the value accordingly on the Exchange Connection tab in Allocatus Server Configuration.

    Often the Exchange Server indicates connection issues with HTTP Error 403 Forbidden. To find out the root cause paste the url which Allocatus uses to access the Exchange Server into the Internet Explorer's address bar and logon with the credentials of the Allocatus Service account. This will give you more detail. Please refer to following troubleshooting tips regarding this and other issues:

    403 - Forbidden: Access is denied

    HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected. Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Contact your Exchange administrator and request allowance for the IP address of the Allocatus Server on the WebDAV Directory.

    507 - Insufficient Space to Store Resource

    The mailbox is full. Please contact the owner of the mailbox to clean up items.

    Could not retrieve the distinguished name for Domain\UserName. Error: NotFound

    The Windows account Domain\UserName is not existing in Active Directory. Remove the user from the users list in the Allocatus Configuration dialog or ask your administrator to create an Active Directory account for this user.

    The primary email address of the user Domain\UserName could not be determined

    The Windows account is existing, but does not have an Exchange mailbox. Remove the user from the users list in the Allocatus Configuration dialog or ask your Exchange administrator to create a mailbox for the user.

    The operation has timed out

    Most likely the user does not have an Exchange mailbox or permissions are missing.

    The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive

    Most often this is caused by an invalid SSL certificate. Please make sure the Exchange Server has a valid SSL certificate with the exact hostname you configured in Allocatus Server and on the server running Allocatus Server is a root certificate of the issuing certificate authority available.

    There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper

    The URL for front-end/client access server is misspelled. Paste the url to an Internet Explorer and login with the account that you configured to access Exchange Server in Allocatus Server Configuration. For 2007 and before you should the OWA, for 2010 and newer you should see the WSDL file of the Exchange Web Services. If the address is correct, configure a valid Active Directory Domain Controller in the tag ActiveDirectoryDomainController of the config.xml (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Allocatus\Server\bin).

    Cannot get the email address of the user Domain\User. The account Domain\User probably has not enough permissions to access the required Active Directory information or the password is incorrect/Access to the domain was denied

    Make sure the computer running Allocatus Server is member domain and has access to the domain controller (dc). If the domain has no trust to the domain of your Exchange Server configure the tag ActiveDirectoryDomainController as described above. Check the network connection to your dc and every firewall inbetween. Use nslookup gc._msdcs.domain.suffix to query the global catalog server.

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