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Cannot grant permissions to Exchange Mailbox

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    I received an e-mail from Allocatus Server in order to grant permissions on my mailbox. When I click on the Set Permissions link in the e-mail, enter my Windows password and submit the following error message shows up:

    The Security Descriptor contains the SID xxxx which could not be resolved.

    What do I have to do?

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    The error message means that the Calendar or Task folder of your Exchange mailbox contains permissions for users that do not exist any more. Please take the following actions to correct this:

    1. Please right click the Calendar folder and select Properties
    2. Select the tab Permissions
    3. Select entries with SID xxx and click Remove.
    4. Click OK and repeat the steps for the Task and root folder of your mailbox
    5. Click again on the link Set Permissions, enter your Windows password and submit

    Note: instead of using the Permission Manager, you can also grant the following permissions manually:
    Mailbox Root folder: Reviewer
    Calendar and Task folder: Editor

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