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Integration Methods

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    From the Admin Guide, I noticed that there are two method of integration:

    "Two integration methods are available; the first uses Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino allowing Allocatus to synchronize tasks between Project Server and the messaging environment, the second utilizes an Allocatus client (installed on each PC) to directly synchronize tasks between Project Server and each Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes PC."

    I would like to know:

    1. Any different of this two methods?
    2. Can I choose either one of the method to perform the sync?
    3.  If I used the second method, which is direct sync from MS Outlook client, can I get the task also sync to my webmail/OWA? Or the task sync can only view from MS Outlook?


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    1. Same result, but the server based sync has the benefit that the sync happens also without a PC based Outlook, so Outlook Web App and mobile devices get the updates instantly
    2. Yes
    3. see 1.
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