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"My tasks" and "Other tasks" in Allocatus

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    In Allocatus Server and Client settings the terms My tasks and Other tasks are used.
    What is the difference between them?
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    My tasks

    These are the tasks which are assigned to the Allocatus User directly in Project.

    Other tasks

    These are tasks where the Allocatus User is the assignment owner, but is not directly assigned to. E.g. the tasks is assigned to a generic resource in Project for which the User is the assignment owner.

    You can define how Allocatus splits these tasks separately and adjust the busy status.

    Split Other tasks

    • If disabled (default): Other tasks will be shown as All-day-events in Outlook
    • If enabled: The tasks will be split and appear as appointments in the Users calendar. Please note: The split behavior is different from the My tasks split behavior (e.g. no appointments are created on Saturdays and Sundays).

    Show Other tasks as

    You can choose the busy status for the created appointments/all-day-events. Default is Free.


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