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Validation of the Allocatus Web Service Url failed

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    11 Aug 2015
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    When configuring Allocatus, I get the following error message: 

    "Validation of the Allocatus Web Service Url failed. Please ensure that the address entered in the Server settings is correct."

    Any suggestions on this? 

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    Please locate the Allocatus Virtual Directory in IIS Manager and enter the path in the Allocatus Server Configuration under Settings/Server Settings/Permission Manager/Address. In case the Default Web Site is stopped, move it to a web site of your choice, see Admin Guide, section Optional: Change Website for Allocatus Virtual Directory.

    You can test if the connection is working by entering the Allocatus Web Service URL http://server/allocatus/aws.asmx in a browser window. In case this address works, enter as Permission Manager address http://server/allocatus. In case you an HTTP-Error 401 Unauthorized error when applying the setting. please make the Allocatus Virtual Directory allows anonymous access as described in the Admin Guide.

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