Allocatus provides a privacy setting in the Log tab of the Allocatus Server Configuration.

The Log sensitive data option allows to decide if usernames, email addresses, task and project names are logged in the diagnostic and event log or only pseudonymized data is logged.

In default configuration sensitive data is not logged. If you want to change this option (e.g. for troubleshooting) please follow these steps:
1. Stop the Allocatus service (Services tab in the Allocatus Server Configuration)
2. Change the setting and click Apply
3. Start the Allocatus service

Please note: Version 3.8.142 or later is required to configure the privacy setting. Please contact if you currently don't use this version.

Allocatus Data Privacy Settings
In the Log tab you can also configure the sync summary feature.
If its activated, an email is sent to the specified email address(es) if any error occurs during the Allocatus synchronization.
This email is also affected by the Log sensitive data option.